The Waterboys, Madrid and the Opera Hotel

So the Waterboys were playing Madrid … Don’t Bang The Drum – Lets just go, that’s what I said to my man ! ….. So we did.

Got the pets all organised with sitters, and me & my Fabulous Fiancé drove our Beautiful BMW up to the very center of Spain ….

I had booked the Hotel Opera specifically …. for its bath. This bath was basically on the balcony of the room, but situated within a glass enclosure. It was a double Jacuzzi Bath … (the kind that makes you rather cautious with bubble bath) … And, it was directly opposite the Opera House. But no one could see in. We however, could see the stars as we soaked …

This magnificent bath was put to use as soon as we arrived. (All in all I think I had 4 baths in 24 hours !!!) Now this was winter, and Madrid can get cold. So cold in fact this particular December there was actually snow on the streets! Yes it can snow in Spain! But the freezing weather just made the whole Jacuzzi experience all the better. There I was, completely immersed in a very large bath of hot water and bubbles. And, just on the other side of the glass which was above, and all round me, there was ice and a very cold breeze. Fantastic!

I did eventually get out of the bath, we had a concert to go to.

We haven’t been to see live music in a concert venue for a long time so it was all quite novel. The place itself  – La Riviera – was perfect for the Waterboys, all dark and sultry. More like a mysterious underground bar. It was sprawling with deep dark corners. In the middle of it all was the stage. And as the band played, sang and jigged – we had a Ball ! It was an older crowed, but the Waterboys themselves are spring chickens no longer. Everyone however seemed to love the concert, these Celtic lads were on fire, and the Spanish crowd knew every word of every song.


But as it all wound down to the ultimate crescendo of encores, we snuck out, avoiding the inevitable queues – We were also Very Hungry !

We had planned to eat after the concert. Predictably the Trip Advisor had a few recommendations. And we were excited about the one we had chosen. Mu – El Plaxer De La Carne.

A taxi obligingly dropped us off right at the door. Oh, it was LOVELY. Very elegant Spanish. Small but tall and winding. There was lovely art work hung on white walls, and the venue itself, had a lovely focused and proud energy. Owned by 3 brothers, who were wonderful host, chef & barman – Heaven …


I remember wine so good it went into our wine list, tapas and raciones that melted in our mouths. God Bless the Trip Advisor …. Our thirst and hunger sharpened by the concert, we ate, and drank, until the brothers 3 were cleaning down the kitchen and coffee machine … Time to go.

A second taxi brought us back to our hotel with the view of the Opera house rooftop. What a fabulous night – just time for 1 more bath …..


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