Take a stroll around the City of Edinburgh

Recently my fiancé and I were in Scotland. I took the opportunity to introduce the love of my life to an old, ever burning flame, My Edinburgh.

This is beyond a shadow of anyones doubt, one of The most beautiful city’s in the world.

Yes, it is cold, yes it may rain, but as Billy Connolly says – “yir in Scotland wear a raincoat!” I would also suggest sensible shoes … just don’t forget to take your heels out for dinner.

With that said, let me take you through the old stone Edinburgh streets, no need for a rain coat where I am sitting !

Edinburgh has a glorious history full of the normal betrayal & beheadings. Every one fighting for power, land, and favour with the crown … But what that turmoil of past has left us with, is a city of Harry Potter architecture. Exquisite little turrets pop out high in the stone corners of buildings.

Much of the streets are still cobbled. And as Edinburgh is built on what seems to be a number of hills. These streets delightfully wind up and down, the narrower of them twist and turn too. There are “Closes” everywhere, which are kind of arched passageways through to the inner doors of buildings. But all very very beautiful in their 18th century architecture.


I have to confess to not knowing much about her restaurants, or hotels. As I don’t get the chance to frequent the city. But what I do know is, if you want to eat Italian, you will be more than happy here. Scotland is home to generations of proud Italian families. Many of whom through the years set up ice cream bars, cafes and the delicious Italian trattorias located today in Edinburgh. So if you love your pasta you will be right at home. I remember as a young child falling in love with Ravioli a la panna, still heaven on a plate to me. The name of the restaurant was “Vitos”… and there was a wall of rolling pins in the entrance. I was very young.

But even as a young child I was drawn to Edinburgh. The glitz at Christmas, in the original Jenner’s department store with the massive Christmas tree that soared up through the floors. And the toy department, where my sister and I were left in the care of the lovely sales assistants. So that my mum & dad could do more important shopping ! Changed days ….


Again, I digress … So in closing if you have any interest in city architecture, Edinburgh is somewhere you will very much appreciable. It is not a sprawling city. The centre is quite compact so you can easily walk around the streets and sights. But remember the hills … I remember my man complaining somewhat, as I danced and skipped up the inner streets … but we rested our tied feet in a lovely wee pub before setting off again.

I don’t suppose I can write about Edinburgh without mentioning the Castle. It is ever present as the city is built around it. And, open to the public I believe – I have never been in …. I will do on my next visit though, which I hope won’t be too far away …


Have you been to Edinburgh ?


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