Restaurant Cortijo La Herradura – Mijas Costa

What a night … Fabulous food, Brilliant service, and music that my feet just couldn’t stop tapping to.

Where you ask ? – Cortijo La Herradura on the “Camino de Coin” (Opposite the garden centers)

So, last Friday night we needed to get out of the office/house for a bit. The rain had started, which I love, but we were beginning to feel a tad confined, after almost a full week of downpours. A good meal and glass of wine (or three) seemed to be in order.

You know when you get that feeling that you just can’t put your finger on – as if someone is whispering – “Put on your dancing shoes, it is going to be one of these nights” … it was almost as if the rain was singing to me …

Anyway – Our local haunt, surprisingly was closed. So we decided on the Steak House slightly further down the road – Namely –  Cortijo La Herradura !

It changed hands just this month (Nov 2016). And you can sense the difference straight away. There is a much more elegant air about the place, more confident. And the aroma from the kitchen was simply mouth-watering. The young waiter who received us was much more diligent than is normal for this part of Spain too. The delightful young chap informed us that there was to be Live Jazz tonight …… Now we Love Jazz ….

All things were pointing towards a Very attractive evening …

The restaurant has a large and inviting dining room inside, but with the weather still dancing around outside, it was just so much more atmospheric on the terrace. They have these big tall heaters too, so it was really lovely and cosy.

A Basque Kitchen
It didn’t take us long to discover that this new restaurateur is Basque. Now if you know the Basque people, you will know they are a proud and generous lot, who just can’t help but specialise in Beef. So appropriately we chose Steak – Solomio de Ternera …. No need for a starter, although the menu was plentiful. We had a deliciously recommended wine and very fine olives. Unfortunate however the wine was rather too good, and another was needed to accompany the meal …


The whole menu read brilliantly. With a Guinness stew, and other dishes that I can’t wait to go back and try.

But tonight, was for Steaks – And what Steaks they were – Oh my mother – extremely flavourful, but not too strong, and cooked to perfection. They were Served with extremely tasty potatoes as I have never seen them before – A wonderful mix of steamed and sauté potatoe slices. Fried green peppers finished off the ensemble. This plate had been put together with the finesse and dedication of a great chef. We ate and drank with Gusto.

This is when the band arrived … a young Jazz trio of amazing talent. The lead singer’s tone is a mix of Marley and Armstrong. He comes armed with his Cello which he plays in more ways then six … the drummer was a spectacular Chick Webb, and an Italian guitarist complimented, and completed the energetic trio …


They played two sets as we started on the Patxaran …. Opps …. For those who don’t know: Patxaran is a Basque liqueur made from Sloe berries. It is a fabulous digestif … but rather too easy to drink … and if you are lucky enough to be in a Basque restaurant then it is even better than normal …. hence the inevitable Oops ….

I do remember a delicious chocolate cake too, and coffee …

Anyway, I believe it was a fabulous night, we rolled home in a taxi, and the next morning was a very rainy Saturday so a lie in was acceptable …

Yes, we will most probably be there next weekend … I believe the Jazz trio play Friday nights & Sunday lunch, but keep an eye on their Facebook page … This has just become our favourite local restaurant.

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