Live Life on Holiday in Benalmadena with Your Own Home

Nestled between Torremolinos and Fuengirola sits the thriving coastal town of Benalmadena. This bustling community is just 12 km west of Malaga and offers an excellent opportunity for real estate investors who wish to own a piece of the sunny Spanish coastline as there are some great property for sale in Benalmadena. If you are interested in owning property on Costa del Sol, either for year-round residence or to enjoy when you wish to take a convenient holiday, take some time to learn more about Benalmadena.

About Benalmadena

Benalmadena is approximately 30 square kilometers large and has 30,000 official residents. It is quite popular among British tourists and those who wish to own a holiday home on the Costa del Sol due to its ease of access from the International Airport. The town’s location on the side of a mountain provides spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, which is its southernmost border.

Night Clubs in Marbella

If you are planning to spend some time vacationing in Marbella, be sure to check out the city’s thriving nighttime scene. You will find a wide range of bars and night clubs in Marbella to make an eventful, entertaining evening out. Just prepare your schedule with few activities for the next day. After partying all night, you will want to sleep most of the following day.

To find most of the night clubs in Marbella, head to the Golden Mile. This strip comes alive after the sun sets, with restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs for you to explore. You will find the glow from the lights makes you forget it is the middle of the night as you dance your way through your favorite clubs. In addition to the clubs on the Golden Mile, you will also find a few in the Marbella Gardens area and also in Old Town.

You can find just about any style of club in Marbella. You can find a traditional discotheque that embraces all that is Spain and helps you remember exactly where you are vacationing. You can also find clubs that offer more than one room to provide you with several types of music throughout your evening. If you vacation in July or August, you may even find some of the night clubs in Marbella move outdoors to offer a dance party on the beach. The city also has an Irish bar with dance area, a club with a casino, and clubs that feature Spanish flamenco music in addition to the current dance hits.

Choose Spain for Your Next Corporate Excursion

If you are looking for a great destination for a corporate holiday, you need to consider booking a trip to Spain. When it comes to corporate holidays, Spain is an ideal destination. It has everything you need: great accommodations, a friendly atmosphere, numerous golf courses to choose from, and an excellent infrastructure.

Excellent Transportation

Wherever you may choose to have your corporate holiday, you will need access to excellent transportation. Your colleagues and employees are going to need an easy way to arrive at the destination and get to the meeting facility. When you book your event in Spain, this is rarely a problem. Several major airports are available in the country, and if your holiday is in Costa del Sol you can fly directly into the region through the Malaga Airport. Most major cities have public transportation and bus systems, and taxis are available as well. Your hotel or resort will often have shuttle service to and from the airport, making it as hassle-free as possible to arrive at your destination.

Plan Your Wedding on the Costa del Sol

Have you ever imagined getting married on the beach, surrounded by sand and beautiful blue waters, then Spain’s Costa del Sol region may be the ideal destination for your event? Everything can be taken care of for you and Wedding flowers can be arranged. When it comes to weddings, the Costal del Sol is, by far, the premier destination throughout southern Europe.  However, besides being a great place for a holiday, it is also an ideal place to get married.

Entertainment Is Available

When you plan a destination wedding, you need to know that your friends and family members who travel to your event will have something to do. This is not a problem in Costa del Sol. Here you have around 70 beautiful golf courses that the members of your wedding party can enjoy as you prepare for your event. Each course has its own unique layout, ambiance, and level of difficulty. This is especially helpful for the men who will be attending your wedding and may not be as interested in things like flowers and wedding cake.

Of course, golf is not just for the experienced golfers in the group. Many of the golf courses in Costa del Sol have golf academies, practice fields, and short holes that are perfect for beginners. Even if people who are visiting your wedding are not golfers, they will enjoy the beautiful landscaping and Mediterranean views offered by these courses, and the game is fun even if you lack experience.

Why Property for Sale in Benalmadena is Hot


Ever wonder what it felt like to be on a permanent, relaxing vacation? The residents of Benalmadena know first hand, as they reside in the beautiful, tropical region of the Costa Del Sol. Home to sandy beaches and glittering night life, property for sale in Benalmadena  are going like hot cakes and with good reason.

With a population of a mere 53,000 residents, the Spanish municipality offers inhabitants the best of everything. Depending on what one is looking for, one can find  a quiet picturesque village to escape to, or a marvelous townhouse situated near the finest eateries and shoppes in Spain.

Where to Go in Spain to Find the Best Golf

With over 300 courses in the country, Spain is one of the best places in Europe to go to enjoy a golf holiday. The country provides an ideal climate for golfing, particularly in the coastal regions, accompanied by a varied terrain, rich history, and friendly people, which is part of what makes it such a popular golfing destination. The options for golfing holidays in Spain are nearly endless. You can choose to golf in Spain’s beautiful northwest region, tour the courses that rest at the base of the towering Pyrenees Mountains, or golf near white sand beaches of the southern coast. You can even find courses on Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea.


Just about anywhere you would choose to visit in Spain, you will be able to find a golf course nearby. However, a truly memorable Spanish golf holiday begins with choosing the ideal destination, which is one where golf is the main focus. If you want to visit Spain to enjoy golf, you need to base your trip out of one of these areas.