Milano, A Chic Breath of Fresh Mountain Air …

I had never really thought about visiting Milan. But on our second trip to Venice we had to travel via Milan. And I have to tell you I now LOVE that City !
It was just a one night stop so we didn’t get much time to explore. But as our hotel was right around the corner form the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the cathedral, we didn’t do too badly …

We arrived at our lovely chic hotel – Una Maison Milano – at check-in time. And we were elegantly received by a host of beautiful staff, who replenished us with refreshments in a lovely little waiting area while they registered us in. White and airy was the main theme of the room, which featured and a balcony where we could watch Italian shopping at its finest.


We wasted no time in freshening up and getting out into this beautiful city scape. The first thing that hit me as we stepped out of the building into the street was the cleanliness of the air. There are no cars in the city center, just trams and taxis. This allows for an air which is almost sweet by comparison to other European city contemporaries.

We sauntered up the street Oooing and Ahhhing at the shops all dressed up in their facades. But turning a corner at the end of the street we came face to face with the magnificence that it the Duomo di Milano – That’s the Cathedral … it looked to me like some fairy tale castle in all its splendour. The more religious among us may have ventured in, but my eye had already been captured by another architectural sensation to the left. There stood the entrance to Milans Great Drawing Room, Il Salotto di Milano … Now this building really was divine ..

It is just Magnificent. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – to address it by its correct name – is just a wonder of design. This four-story construction has two main inner streets which cross in the middle. The structure was completed in 1877 – Making it one of the worlds oldest shopping malls. It is adorned in arched glass roofs with a central dome where the streets cross. The shops it houses are of haute couture, jewellery, rare books, and fine paintings.

MILANO 03 Nov 2009 - GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE FARAVELLI p.s. la foto e' utilizzabile nel rispetto del contesto in cui e' stata scattata, e senza intento diffamatorio del decoro delle persone rappresentate - MILANO 2009-11-03 GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE MILANO,TURISMO,GALLERIA VITTORIO EMANUELE - fotografo: Alberto Cattaneo / Fotogramma

There are also some very fine eateries in there too. I can actually vouch for two of them ! We had a pasta and wine lunch here and a pizza dinner. My fiancé upholds that the pizza he had in this Galleria is the best he has ever had … he says the same about the bill mind you !

We had eaten a big lunch so we weren’t that hungry for dinner. But we managed a blue cheese salad, and a pepperoni pizza between us. I had water and a glass of wine, my darling man had a beer – No coffee No liqueur … the bill was – 130 Euros …. That was 2011 … so not the most economical of dinners but it really was delicious. And the service was fabulous too.
Please don’t be put off by the price. If you like architecture, shops and fine dinning, you just Have to see this place. The overall feeling was one of calm and graceful professionality.
I am completely sold on Milan …

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