What happens when a film crew need fed ?

Ever wondered how a vast cast and crew are fed? Well I have to confess it’s not something I pondered on either. But I recently found out when I accidently strolled straight into a film set and tried to order a cup of coffee from some film caterers in London! Interestingly enough I was served and not charged.

It was in Kensington park. Somehow I had unwittingly walked right through the security lines past where they were actually filming, and up to what I thought was a kinda “Pop up” food truck.

It was not !

But the guy in said food truck was very nice, and as I said he did serve me a coffee. When I asked what kind of food he was serving, he asked me if I was asking on behalf of Hugh Grant. As you can imagine I was a tad taken aback. And I asked in return why on earth he thought it would be for Hugh Grant. The kind gentleman behind the counter retorted, “because we are film caterers and Mr Grant is walking towards us right now looking for his lunch” – I almost fainted …..

It was then the penny dropped … as I looked around there were film crews with their equipment almost as far as the eye could see. And walking up the hill towards me was Hugh Grant and, I am gulping as I type this … Julia Roberts …. Yip – You guessed it – I had wandered straight into the heart of the movie Notting Hill, as it was being filmed …. And …. I had just been served a cup of coffee by their film catering crew.

As you would expect, Mr Grant is extremely polite, as is Ms Roberts. I, on the other hand was glued to the spot … eventually I realised I was standing exactly where they would want to be in order to speak to the guy in the truck and be served their lunch. I moved slowly but surely to the side to allow the film caterers to do their job and feed these movie starts. They were talking quite in-depth about something to do with the scene they were shooting. I refrained from interrupting as they came towards me. But as they approached they both Sayed hello – directly to me, and I think I said hello back. By this point I felt as though I were in a dream ….. some surreal dream in a London park …..

That’s all that happened … I then just took my coffee and walked away from the surreal film catering London park experience. Did I miss my chance to speak to Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts ? Maybe, but they are just people. “Hello” was quite enough. I don’t know them and they don’t know me, so there was no need for more conversation. I am not the chatty type anyway.

So in closing I am much more aware about where I walk. I pay attention to what is around me. I think secretly though I am vigilantly scanning for another film set. Per chance one with Johnny Depp ….


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