Getting a Discount on a Spanish Golf Vacation

Perhaps you have been putting off your Spanish golf holiday because of the expense. Maybe you assume that golf breaks to Spain have to be expensive. Well, they can be, but if you are a smart shopper and give yourself time to plan, you can get an affordable golf holiday in Spain, particularly on the Costa del Sol, one of the most popular golf destinations in the country. These tips will help you land a great deal.

Plan Early

The earlier you plan your golf holiday, the more of a chance you have of finding a good deal, because you will have the chance to shop around for a good price. Also, you have a greater chance of finding room in the hotel or resort you want to stay in the most. Shopping early will give you the chance to make alternate arrangements if the course of your dreams is booked.

Consider Last Minute Travel

This tip seems to contradict the first one, but if you are not set on a certain golf course, resort, or location, you might be able to find a discount by traveling last minute. If resorts have extra rooms available, they are often willing to discount them in order to get someone in them, rather than losing out altogether. You need to be flexible in your travel dates to take advantage of these last-minute discounts, of course.

Avoid Tournaments

Areas that draw tournaments, like the Costa del Sol, will get crowded when prestigious events are in town. The best times to find discounts are times when there are not tournaments in the area. Hotel rooms and tee times are more prevalent, because there are fewer people in town.


Travel with a Group

Do you have several friends who are also golfers? Consider traveling in a group to the Costa del Sol. Booking a group of rooms is often a great way to get a discount. On top of the monetary savings, you will have even more fun on your trip, because you will be able to play your favorite game with a group of friends. If your spouse is not a golfer, the additional company will ensure that everyone has a good time, even if they are not on the greens.

Buy a Package

Buy a package that includes green fees, accommodations, food, and even some entertainment. Often you will save substantially when traveling to the Costa del Sol in this way rather than purchasing each part of your trip individually. This takes careful planning, though, because you will want to make sure that all of the courses you want to see are in the package or tour. If not, plan to stay an extra day to take in an additional course or two, or look for a package that has days off built into the holiday. You can then use those days to visit the courses that are not included but that you really want to see.

If you take some time to research and look for discounts, you will find that a trip to the Costa del Sol to enjoy the sand, sun, and golf is not as expensive as you once thought.

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