Most Divine, in Hotel Du Vin ….

Again I was in Edinburgh … this time however, I had been summoned. A big family birthday bash happened, just north of the city – Which is a blog post in itself !

The very next day however, my fiance and I stole away to Edinburgh city for a night of fine dining, and self indulgence. Or more accurately – Recovery and Recuperation !

Luckily we had found the perfect place – The Catena Zapata suite in Hotel Du Vin.

Now, this hotel is set in the Old Town. And I know, all of Edinburgh city centre looks old, with its imposing great stone architecture. But the old town is obviously the ancient part that the city grew up around. And the history within the walls here is palpable.

Hotel Du Vin is perfectly situated just south of Greyfriars Bobby (again another blog post). So it’s a short walk away from the hustle and bustle. Although Edinburgh’s hustle and bustle always seems a tad more relaxed than that of other cities …

The approach to the hotel is on a main road where she sits, proud in her Edinburgh stone. As you pull up there is a “close” you can turn into to unload the car, before you drive off to the nearest car park. Which is a convenient 4 mins walk from the hotel – according to google that is, we didn’t time it.

So having been left to check-in with our trusted case, I proceeded through a beautiful small courtyard, to a distinctively edinburghian old flag stone floor and wooden reception area.  A delightful young Portuguese lady received me, and explained the layout of the hotel, dinner and breakfast times etc … And the location of the “Whisky Snug”, which my man and I delighted in putting to good use later that evening !

And now …. to the room …. I was led into a lift, then up stairs, around a turret and eventually high up in the building, to the most stunning of suites … No photos will do this room justice …

Long and wide, with original wooden ceiling beams, this is a spectacular open plan suite. A massive wooden sleigh bed, dominated one end of the room, and a deep copper bath tub extravaganza the other. In between – a Princely purple velvet seating area, beautiful high double sinks, an ample wooden wardrobe and a glass doored monsoon shower fit for a king !

Heaven … Quickly I unpacked our toiletries and attire, but as it was only about 3pm, we reluctantly left this room to the draw of Edinburgh’s old town streets, and gastronomic treats !

We spent the whole afternoon walking over cobbles, eating Italian, and drinking – all be it modestly. On returning to the delicious Du Vin, we decided we would cancel our dinner reservations and order room service – so as to sensibly make the very most of our recovery, in our sumptuous suite.

In order to get to our room however, we had to pass the Whisky Snug ! And pass we did not … An hour later my “now almost full of whisky fiancé” and I finally retired to our patiently awaiting room …

A bath was run, the wine was ordered, and Ella Fitzgerald serenaded us for hours as we soaked and laughed and other things, in this massive bath tub.

Hunger eventually getting the better of us, we ordered room service. I opted for a platter of blue cheese and steak sandwiches. My man – simply seductive steak and chips – all of which were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious …

The evening could not have been better … our recovery from the previous nights shindig almost complete, sleep was all that was required …. the Egyptian, and feather dressed bed lovingly obliged.

As I awoke in the morning, and gathered my mind, I noted not even a hint of a hangover, so soothing was the Du Vin Hotel and my Edinburgh. I lulled about in bed for a moment before inevitably running another bath, as my man went back to snoozeville …

An hour later, I was completely pruned, still harmonizing with Ella and Louie, and ridiculously unable to get out of this bath tub so sweet. But my sleepy eyed man appeared and headed for the monsoon that is the shower …. alas it was nearing time to pack up and check out …..

So there you have it. Hotel Du Vin is a most perfect place to see Edinburgh. Wonderfully positioned in its walking distance to everything old town, and beyond.

But I cant end this review, or story, without mentioning the rest of the staff who attended us. The young gentleman on the front desk. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t get your name, but you know who you are. Thank you. Thank you for your so eloquent attention to our every whim … and thanks too, to our lovely young Indian lady with the smile in her eyes …

Readers, Edinburgh is not a city to be missed. She is very self contented, self assured, so very comfortable in herself. A City so completely at ease, no political change can blemish this northern atmosphere. Here the Scottish smile will soften any worldly woe.

I encourage you to go, and never mind the weather. Let is rain, let it blow. Edinburgh will warm you, wine and dine you, with hospitality found no where else in the world …. Just make sure you book Suite Catena Zapata in the Divine – Hotel Du Vin …. Its highly recommended …

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