Costa del Sol to Be Host to the European Senior Tour

When it comes to golf holidays, Spain and its Costa del Sol have been at the top of the list for vacationers for many years, but those on holiday are not the only ones who enjoy the charm of this region. The list of prestigious tournaments that spectators on the Costa del Sol can enjoy continues to grow, and now the European Senior Tour is added to the ranks. In the first week of October of 2009, the European Senior Tour will be held in Benahavis, Spain at the La Quinta Golf and Country Club.

The Costa del Sol offers golfers the chance to golf near unparalleled views, and in this tournament, the golf legend who designed the La Quinta course, Manual Piñero himself, will be golfing alongside other great players. Piñero is a three times world champion golfer. It was through his efforts that the tour came to Benahavis, and the Managing Director of the European Senior Tour, Andy Stubbs, applauded the work of both Piñero and the officials of the Benahavis region for their efforts in helping bring to light the benefits of hosting a tournament at the La Quinta Resort.

Amenities of La Quinta

What makes La Quinta such an excellent location for a European Senior Tour event? The scenery of the region makes an ideal backdrop for a highly publicized event, as the mountains of Andalucia surround the beautiful course, with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea beyond. Besides being a beautiful course, La Quinta is also convenient for both golfers and spectators. The resort is located just five minutes from the middle of Marbella, which means accommodations, dining, and city amenities are just minutes away.

The La Quinta Golf Resort features three nine hole courses, and golfers can create their own experience by combining two of the courses into one larger 18-hole game. The course is also a modern course, complete with amenities such as GPS in the golf buggies and digital swing analysis capabilities at the La Quinta Golf Academy. This modern flair makes it an ideal location for a prestigious event, and spectators can take advantage of these amenities once the tournament is over.

The resort also has non-golf related amenities in the Club House. Golfers who need a quick snack can grab one at the cafeteria, and those who are looking for a nice meal will want to visit the restaurant. The Club House also has a bar for those who want to relax after the game while enjoying drinks with friends.

Book Your Trip Today

Visiting La Quinta and the surrounding golf courses in the first week of October is an excellent idea. You just might have the chance to see some of Europe’s finest golfers play while you are there. However, the European Senior Tour draws many spectators wherever it is held, so make sure you book your golf trip as early as possible. This will ensure that you get the best possible accommodations for your trip, but rest assured there will be plenty of courses available to play when you are not watching the tournament, no matter how many spectators are drawn to the area for the event.

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