Choose Spain for Your Next Corporate Excursion

If you are looking for a great destination for a corporate holiday, you need to consider booking a trip to Spain. When it comes to corporate holidays, Spain is an ideal destination. It has everything you need: great accommodations, a friendly atmosphere, numerous golf courses to choose from, and an excellent infrastructure.

Excellent Transportation

Wherever you may choose to have your corporate holiday, you will need access to excellent transportation. Your colleagues and employees are going to need an easy way to arrive at the destination and get to the meeting facility. When you book your event in Spain, this is rarely a problem. Several major airports are available in the country, and if your holiday is in Costa del Sol you can fly directly into the region through the Malaga Airport. Most major cities have public transportation and bus systems, and taxis are available as well. Your hotel or resort will often have shuttle service to and from the airport, making it as hassle-free as possible to arrive at your destination.

Excellent Golf Choices

A corporate holiday is not complete without an excellent golf venue. Spain is the perfect destination, because there are over 300 golf courses in the country. Around 70 of them are located in Costa del Sol in the southern portion of the country. Several of the Costa del Sol courses are host to prestigious events, and all have views of the mountains and the sea. Those you are traveling with will have many courses to choose from if you choose this area for your event.

Excellent Meeting Facilities

Of course, your business trip is not going to be spent entirely playing golf. When you vacation in Spain, you will find that many of the resorts and club houses have excellent meeting facilities for you to use. Internet connectivity, private meeting rooms, catering options, and friendly staff members make having a business meeting in Spain truly ideal.

Team Building Activities and Excursions

No business trip is complete without a team building activity. After all, you might as well get closer as group while you are on holiday together. When you book your golf holiday in Spain, you can connect on the greens. There are also numerous hiking opportunities in many of the golf destinations throughout the country.


In Costa del Sol you can also go paintball shooting, ride horses together, take a cruise on a sailboat, or go deep sea fishing, all from one destination. If your days are full, you will find many opportunities to enjoy some fun together in the evenings. There are several live shows and outdoor concerts in Costal del Sol, and horse racing is another popular evening activity.

As you can see, Spain is a truly ideal location for your next corporate golf holiday. If you are looking for a way to draw the members of your professional group closer together, get some great brainstorming sessions in, all while enjoying some time relaxing by the sea, then book your Spanish corporate golf holiday today. You will be glad you did, as productivity and morale in your business will be greatly increased.

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