Night Clubs in Marbella

If you are planning to spend some time vacationing in Marbella, be sure to check out the city’s thriving nighttime scene. You will find a wide range of bars and night clubs in Marbella to make an eventful, entertaining evening out. Just prepare your schedule with few activities for the next day. After partying all night, you will want to sleep most of the following day.

To find most of the night clubs in Marbella, head to the Golden Mile. This strip comes alive after the sun sets, with restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs for you to explore. You will find the glow from the lights makes you forget it is the middle of the night as you dance your way through your favorite clubs. In addition to the clubs on the Golden Mile, you will also find a few in the Marbella Gardens area and also in Old Town.

You can find just about any style of club in Marbella. You can find a traditional discotheque that embraces all that is Spain and helps you remember exactly where you are vacationing. You can also find clubs that offer more than one room to provide you with several types of music throughout your evening. If you vacation in July or August, you may even find some of the night clubs in Marbella move outdoors to offer a dance party on the beach. The city also has an Irish bar with dance area, a club with a casino, and clubs that feature Spanish flamenco music in addition to the current dance hits.