The 5 Top Reasons to Visit Spain:

I have lived in Spain over half of my life. I would not be there if I didn’t love it.

Spain is a vast country, and very varied in its culture and climate. From the far flung north with its mountainous winter snow. To the sun baked beaches of the south. My favourite region? Honestly, Catalunia. Barcelona being its capital city. But hey that’s just me, I lived in the south for more moons than I care to share. Its where I fell in love with my now fiancé, and were we started our business, and so much more ….

Anyway, you want to know why I consider Spain to be one of the best countries to visit, well here are my top 5 reasons:

Most Divine, in Hotel Du Vin ….

Again I was in Edinburgh … this time however, I had been summoned. A big family birthday bash happened, just north of the city – Which is a blog post in itself !

The very next day however, my fiance and I stole away to Edinburgh city for a night of fine dining, and self indulgence. Or more accurately – Recovery and Recuperation !

Luckily we had found the perfect place – The Catena Zapata suite in Hotel Du Vin.

Now, this hotel is set in the Old Town. And I know, all of Edinburgh city centre looks old, with its imposing great stone architecture. But the old town is obviously the ancient part that the city grew up around. And the history within the walls here is palpable.

The Waterboys, Madrid and the Opera Hotel

So the Waterboys were playing Madrid … Don’t Bang The Drum – Lets just go, that’s what I said to my man ! ….. So we did.

Got the pets all organised with sitters, and me & my Fabulous Fiancé drove our Beautiful BMW up to the very center of Spain ….

I had booked the Hotel Opera specifically …. for its bath. This bath was basically on the balcony of the room, but situated within a glass enclosure. It was a double Jacuzzi Bath … (the kind that makes you rather cautious with bubble bath) … And, it was directly opposite the Opera House. But no one could see in. We however, could see the stars as we soaked …

This magnificent bath was put to use as soon as we arrived. (All in all I think I had 4 baths in 24 hours !!!) Now this was winter, and Madrid can get cold. So cold in fact this particular December there was actually snow on the streets! Yes it can snow in Spain! But the freezing weather just made the whole Jacuzzi experience all the better. There I was, completely immersed in a very large bath of hot water and bubbles. And, just on the other side of the glass which was above, and all round me, there was ice and a very cold breeze. Fantastic!

Milano, A Chic Breath of Fresh Mountain Air …

I had never really thought about visiting Milan. But on our second trip to Venice we had to travel via Milan. And I have to tell you I now LOVE that City !
It was just a one night stop so we didn’t get much time to explore. But as our hotel was right around the corner form the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the cathedral, we didn’t do too badly …

We arrived at our lovely chic hotel – Una Maison Milano – at check-in time. And we were elegantly received by a host of beautiful staff, who replenished us with refreshments in a lovely little waiting area while they registered us in. White and airy was the main theme of the room, which featured and a balcony where we could watch Italian shopping at its finest.


We wasted no time in freshening up and getting out into this beautiful city scape. The first thing that hit me as we stepped out of the building into the street was the cleanliness of the air. There are no cars in the city center, just trams and taxis. This allows for an air which is almost sweet by comparison to other European city contemporaries.

Take a stroll around the City of Edinburgh

Recently my fiancé and I were in Scotland. I took the opportunity to introduce the love of my life to an old, ever burning flame, My Edinburgh.

This is beyond a shadow of anyones doubt, one of The most beautiful city’s in the world.

Yes, it is cold, yes it may rain, but as Billy Connolly says – “yir in Scotland wear a raincoat!” I would also suggest sensible shoes … just don’t forget to take your heels out for dinner.

With that said, let me take you through the old stone Edinburgh streets, no need for a rain coat where I am sitting !

Edinburgh has a glorious history full of the normal betrayal & beheadings. Every one fighting for power, land, and favour with the crown … But what that turmoil of past has left us with, is a city of Harry Potter architecture. Exquisite little turrets pop out high in the stone corners of buildings.

Venice in April, no need for rain

Ahhh Venezia … if you haven’t been you simply must go. This is a city of water, wonder, love and so much romance. But be careful. There is not a map in existence that truly charts her streets, as my fiancee and I discovered … ! That however, just makes it all the more romantic. You can get lost in Venice and be assured of your safety upon her islands. Venice has the lowest crime rate in Europe, and therefore the smallest police presence. She is …. goodness words fail me …. She, Venice, is the shear definition of grace, elegance and unique beauty.

I have been twice now, and I would go again this afternoon if I could. I just Love Venice. We went in April. Lovely temperature and not too busy. Although if you truly want to see St Marks square, and the surrounding architectural wonders, you have better do it at 7 am. In these early morning hours there is no one about but the dedicated staff who service Venice in all her unique needs.