The Best Hotel Booking and research websites !

I Love Hotels. I Love Eloquent, historical, sultry, boutique hotels. Usually this dictates at least four stars. Some of my hotel requirements are :

  • Quiet and Peaceful
  • Professional Staff
  • A Bath big enough for two
  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Gardens
  • Walks

Generally, we get away for a short break maybe every couple of months. And some of the hotels we have stayed in – Oh Just Heavenly …

However, I do love to search, and research for that perfect hotel almost as much as I love the stay … Anticipation. Usually I can narrow it down quite quickly to a choice of maybe four or five hotels.

And this is how I do it baby:

First I start by typing the area we want to visit into three sites (i.e Florence, Italy):

  • Mr and Mrs Smith
  • Google maps

That way all the hotels in the area show up. Then I start my research !


Google Maps

Google maps is actually an extremely overlooked resource in the hotel search department. If you zoom into the area you want to visit, and then type the word “Hotel” into the search box, many of the hotels in that area will pop up for you to review. Not all hotels think to get themselves listed on Goggle maps however, but its worth the search.

The obvious use here though, is to find out exactly where the hotel is. How long it will take you to get there via different forms of transport. You can see exactly where the hotel is situated, how extensive the grounds, or gardens are, where the parking is etc. Wonderfully revealing and helpful!

This website has become more, and more accurate in the description of the individual room type. i.e suite, deluxe, classic etc. Its one of the oldest hotel reservation sites, and remains my favourite. Its fabulously user friendly and incredibly informative.

I usually end my search on this site too, as it generally gives you the best rates. So once I have been through every detail on all the other sites, and finally made my choice, I come back here to book ! You can always call the hotel after you have reserved your room with to confirm and make any special requests.


Mr & Mrs Smith

This site sometimes has little details on the hotel that the rest don’t mention. The best room for example. Tips on the best table in the restaurant, or bar. For some reason they tend to have more photos too. I don’t ever book with them though, as I find their style, and marketing a tad aggressive.


The Hotels Official Website

Sometimes the hotels own website is surprisingly hard to find amongst all the other websites that claim to give you the best deal. But its worth finding the hotels official website, as there will be information on here you wont get from the other sites. Maybe details on events, what’s going on in the area etc.

Generally however you get more details on the actual rooms from the other websites.


Trip advisor

This is usually my last port of call, once I have narrowed my search down to a few chosen hotels I review them here. I like this site not just for the reviews so much, as for the user photos ! Often its hard to find photos of the bathrooms on the professional sites, but here users tell us all !

I will dismiss a hotel that has under 3.5 star rating on trip advisor. I pay more attention to ratings over four stars. But be careful to read between the lines in the reviews. Some people just like to moan, and some have an axe to grind. So always go with your gut feeling when reading someone else’s opinion.


So there you go. That’s how I find my perfect hotels, where my fiancé and I enjoy a well deserved break that usually always includes “a bath and a bottle” !!!


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